Exactly How your Apple Card application is examined

Exactly How your Apple Card application is examined

Find out about the key requirements utilized to find out whether your Apple Card application is approved or declined.

Goldman Sachs 1 utilizes your credit history, your credit history, therefore the earnings you report on the application whenever reviewing your Apple Card application. This article highlights a wide range of factors that Goldman Sachs utilizes, in combination, in order to make credit decisions but does not include most of the details, facets, scores or any other information used to help make those choices.

If for example the application had been declined, discover what can be done in an attempt to boost your next application.

You can even contact Apple Support when you have concern about obtaining Apple Card.

Demands getting Apple Card

To obtain Apple Card, you need to fulfill these demands:

  • Be 18 years or older, according to in your geographical area.
  • Be a U.S. resident or a legal U.S. resident with a U.S. address that is residential isn’t a P.O. Box. You may make use of a address that is military.
  • Very very Own an iphone that is compatible the most recent iOS version. 2
  • Utilize authentication that is two-factor your Apple ID.
  • Check in to iCloud together with your Apple ID.
  • When you have a freeze on the credit history, you’ll want to temporarily raise the freeze before you submit an application for Apple Card. 阅读更多